Fourth World Congress of Reproductive Biology


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WCRB2017 Timetable

>>>Meetings of Related Societies(Sept 26 & 30)

  Sep 27 (Wed) Sep 28 (Thu) Sep 29 (Fri)
Site 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3
  Concurr. session 4
Ovary and follicles 2
Concurr. session 5
Testis and spermatozoa 2
Concurr. session 6
Uterus, implantation and placentas 2
Concurr. session 10
Reproductive technology and stem cells 2
Concurr. session 11
Fertilization and early embryos 2
Concurr. session 12
Reproductive endocrinology 2
10:00 WCRB Registration (Site 1)
  Coffee/Poster Viewing
(Exhibition Hall)
Coffee/Poster Viewing
(Exhibition Hall)
11:00 Plenary lecture 3
Prof. Moira K. O'Bryan [SRB](Site 1)
Plenary lecture 5
Prof. Jae Yong Han [KSAR](Site 1)
12:00 Opening Ceremony (Site 1)   Lunchon seminar
Supported by Zoetis Japan
Young Scientists Session 1 (*)   Young Scientists Session 2 (*) Young Scientists Session 3 (*)
  Plenary lecture 1
Prof. Takashi Miyano [SRD](Site 1)
13:00 Posters-1 (Odd numbers)
(Exhibition Hall)
Coffee will be provided
Posters-2 (Even numbers)
(Exhibition Hall)
Coffee will be provided
  Coffee (Exhibition Hall)
14:00 Concurr. session 1
Ovary and follicles 1
Concurr. session 2
Testis and spermatozoa 1
Concurr. session 3
Uterus, implantation and placentas 1
  Concurr. session 7
Reproductive technology and stem cells 1
Concurr. session 8
Fertilization and early embryos 1
Concurr. session 9
Reproductive endocrinology 1
WCRB-JSRE Special Joint Session
"Control of HPG axis to improve the fertility in animals and humans"
Sponsored Symposium
"Genome Editing in mammals"
  Coffee (Exhibition Hall) Coffee (Site 1)
17:00 Plenary lecture 2
Prof. Tom P. Fleming [SRF](Site 1)
  Plenary lecture 6
Prof. Michael Soares [SSR](Site 1)
  Plenary lecture 4
Prof. Heng-yu Fan [CSRB](Site 1)
18:00   Closing Ceremony (Site 1)
  Welcome Reception
(Exhibition Hall)
19:00 Meet the Professors (*)
(Exhibition Hall)
  Conference Dinner
(Laguna Garden Hotel)

Site 1, Theater Hall; Site 2, Conference room A1; Site 3, Conference room A2
(*), Programs by SRD Young Scientist Committee

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  Sep 26 (Tue) Sep 27-29 Sep 30 (Sat)
8:00   WCRB 2017  
9:00 Japan Society of

(Site 2 & 3)
9:00 AM - 17:00 PM

Japanese Society of

(Room B5 & B6)
9:00 AM - 14:00 PM
9:30 AM - 16:00 PM

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〈Please find your poster number〉

1_Ovary and follicles

2_Testis and spermatozoa

3_Fertilization and early embryos

4_Uterus, implantation and placentas

5_Reproductive endocrinology

6_Reproductive technology and stem cells

Instructions for Poster Presentations

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〈Plenary speakers〉

Prof. Heng-yu Fan

Prof. Heng-yu Fan

Life Sciences Institute, Zhejiang University, China
Role of newly discovered oocyte factors in regulating maternal-zygotic transition in mammals

Prof. Jae Yong Han

Prof. Jae Yong Han

Seoul National University, Korea
Primordial germ cell as a key modulator for avian genome modification

Prof. Moira O'Bryan

Prof. Moira O'Bryan

Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Monash University, Australia
Microtubles as the masters of sperm function

Prof. Takashi Miyano

Prof. Takashi Miyano

Kobe University, Japan
In vitro growth of oocytes: from mice to domestic animals

Prof. Tom Fleming

Prof. Tom Fleming

University of Southampton, UK
Environmental programming of the early embryo: how mother's nutrition can influence health and disease risk throughout life

Prof. Michael Soares

Prof. Michael Soares

Kansas University Medical Center, USA
Plasticity, invasive trophoblast, and placental health

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Concurrent session speakers (updated on 2017.2.13)

Ovary and follicles

Mark Fenwick (University of Sheffield, UK)
TGFβ as a master regulator of early follicle development
Hisataka Iwata (Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan)
Granulosa cell number and oocyte growth
Keith Jones (University of Southampton, UK)
Arresting oocytes in meiosis I: mechanisms to stop the creation of a bad egg
Aleksandar Rajkovic (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
Oocyte differentiation during embryogenesis is independent of meiosis and driven by interplay of multiple transcriptional regulators
You-qiang Su (Nanjing Medical University, China)
Identification of new players in the control of oocyte maturation

Testis and spermatozoa

Masahito Ikawa (Osaka University, Japan)
CRISPR/Cas9 mediated genome editing and its application for the study of reproduction
Jibak Lee (Kobe University, Japan)
Meiotic cohesins during spermatogenesis
Kate Loveland (Monash University, Australia)
A nucleocytoplasmic transport protein essential for gametogenesis
Hyuk Song (Konkuk University, Korea)
Monika Ward (University of Hawaii, USA)
Y chromosome and spermatogenesis

Fertilization and early embryos

Inchul Choi (Chungnam National University, Korea)
Intercellular junctions formation during preimplantation development
Sarah Kimmins (McGill University, Canada)
Lei Li (Institute of Zoology, CAS, China)
Molecular mechanism of the subcortical maternal complex
Karl Swann (University of Cardiff, UK)
The mechanism of sperm induced Ca2+ oscillations that activate mammalian eggs
Rebecca Robker (University of Adelaide, Australia)
The legacy of the egg

Uterus, implantation and placentas

Hak-Hyun Ka (Yonsei University, Korea)
The role of cytokines during the implantation period at the maternal-conceptus interface in pigs
Kelle Moley (Washington University School of Medicine, USA)
David Simmons (University of Queensland, Australia)
Ly6e: a regulator of placental morphogenesis
Haibin Wang (Xiamen University, China)
Roadmap to embryo implantation
Yan-ling Wang (Institute of Zoology, CAS, China)
The relevance of placental dysfunction to preeclampsia

Reproductive endocrinology

Richard Anderson (University of Edinburgh, UK)
The new neuroendocrinology: novel pathways, and their clinical applications
Daniel (Dan) Bernard (McGill University, Canada)
Beware of dogma: Revisiting the role of activin B in FSH synthesis
Yoshihisa Uenoyama (Nagoya University, Japan)
Brain mechanism regulating puberty onset in mammals
Kirsty Walters (University of New South Wales, Australia)
Unravelling the role of androgens in PCOS

Reproductive technology and stem cells

Mark Green (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Sorting sperm by microfluidics: A practical solution
Katsuhiko Hayashi (Kyushu University, Japan)
Understanding of PGC-oocyte differentiation using in vitro reconstitution system
Goo Jang (Seoul National University, Korea)
Genome engineering technologies in cattle
Wei Li (Institute of Zoology, CAS, China)
Generation and application of mammalian haploid and interspecies allodiploid stem cells
Franchesca Houghton (University of Southampton, UK)
Regulating human embryonic stem cell pluripotency: a metabolic perspective

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Sponsored Symposium
Genome editing in mammals: recent technical innovations and advancements in application

Part-1: Technical innovations of genome editing

Sayaka Yashima (Meiji University, sponsored by S Ltd.)
Generation of genome edited pigs by cytoplasmic injection of TALEN or CRISPR/cas9 mRNA into zygotes
Fuminori Tanihara (Tokushima University, sponsored by BEX Co., Ltd.)
A simple-step generation of genetically modified pigs by genome editing by electroporation of Cas9 protein (GEEP) method
Tomoji Mashimo (Osaka University, sponsored by Nepa Gene Co., Ltd.)
Highly efficient genome editing in embryos by using the Super Electroporator NEPA21

Part-2: Advancements in application of genome editing

Takuro Horii (Gunma University)
Targeted manipulation of epigenome using CRISPR/Cas9
Scott Fahrenkrug (Recombinetics, Inc, Sponsored by Recombinetics, Inc)
Subverting porcine genetics and tissue ontogeny for regenerative medicine

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WCRB-JSRE Special Joint Session

Control of HPG axis to improve the fertility in animals and humans

Toshiya Matsuzaki (Tokushima University, Japan)
Manipulating hypothalamus using rat models of anovulation and optimizing ovulation induction in human
John Davis (University of Nebraska Medical Center, USA)
The Aging Pituitary-Ovary Axis: implications for fertility and the menopause
Joy Pate (The Pennsylvania State University, USA)
Cells and networks that facilitate luteal survival for pregnancy success

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Luncheon seminar

Sep 28 (Thu)

Fernando A. Di Croce, DVM, PhD (Director, Global Genetics Technical Services, Zoetis Inc.)
Usage of genomic information for improvement of fertility and health in dairy cows

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